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Fractal Entrepreneurship in Organisations<sup>© </sup>

Fractal Entrepreneurship in Organisations<sup>© </sup>

Unleash the craftsmanship in your organisation

Each of us is happiest when we do what we are good at and what we love doing. When we are able to turn the ideas that come from our expertise into reality and we get to experience the results of that. But how can you ensure that expertise and craftsmanship can develop within the organisation? That people take more initiative, and that those initiatives are also accepted and appreciated?

Breakthrough Areas [themify_icon icon=”fa-user-circle-o”][themify_icon icon=”fa-users”][themify_icon icon=”fa-sitemap”]

Fractal (or ‘layered’) entrepreneurship recognises 3 ‘breakthrough’ areas (layers) that are important for the development of entrepreneurship in organisations:

  • The individual craftsman/craftswoman
  • The team, the department, the project group
  • The organisation or leadership

What is..  Fractal Entrepreneurship?

‘The creation of a climate within an organisation that is fertile for craftsmanship and collaboration, so as to generate an optimal exchange with clients and the community’

Wat is..  Fractaal Ondernemer -schap ?


‘Het creëren van een organisatie klimaat als ‘bedding’ voor vakmanschap en samenwerking om zo de meest optimale uitwisseling met clienten en omgeving te realiseren’

[themify_icon icon=”fa-user-circle-o”] Individual
Value creation through individual and collaborative craftsmanship

[themify_icon icon=”fa-users”] Team
Generating the best ideas for both client and organisation with teams / departments

[themify_icon icon=”fa-sitemap”]Organisation
In a stimulating and supportive organisational culture

[themify_icon icon=”fa-user-circle-o”]

Waarde creatie door individueel en collaboratief vakmanschap

[themify_icon icon=”fa-users”] 

De beste ideeën voor klant én organisatie realiseren met teams / afdeling

[themify_icon icon=”fa-sitemap”]

In een stimulerend en ondersteunend organisatieklimaat

The design of fractal entrepreneurship in your organisation means:

Creating the optimal conditions for personal entrepreneurship and self-realisation

Entering into real collaborative cooperation where diversity is embraced on a daily basis

An organisation that is inspired by its vision and mission and with the freedom to learn and try again

Fractal entrepreneurship creates a culture of Change & Innovation, so that the organisation can develop from the inside out and respond to the changing needs of clients and community.

How does Fractal Entrepreneurship work?

How does Fractal Entrepreneurship work?

The drivers of entrepreneurial people

Scientific research continues to indicate the following 5 drivers of entrepreneurship. For the individual, the drivers all point to self-realisation and feelings of self-esteem, an important key to the fractal entrepreneurship approach 
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Drivers of entrepreneurship at the organisational level

In the team/departmental and organisational layers, we see these drivers, in departments, roles and positions:

[themify_icon icon=”fa-fire”]stands for the vision and the mission of the organisation that are defined and implemented under the supervision of the leadership

[themify_icon icon=”fa-arrows-alt”]concerns the space that the leadership and craftsmen are given, and take up, to the benefit of their own initiatives and mandate for making their own decisions

[themify_icon icon=”fa-leaf”]is about learning in the organisation. The Personnel or HR department is still often the advocate for taking growth further

[themify_icon icon=”fa-refresh”]can be found in the financial department and the shareholders. Material reward systems are not simply about money, but rather the exchange of value :


[themify_icon icon=”fa-handshake-o”]
[themify_icon icon=”fa-handshake-o”]

[themify_icon icon=”fa-eye”]looks at how clients experience the organisation. That applies to all of the client-facing roles such as salespeople, technicians, repairmen, call center agents, etc., but also to the product that allows the client to experience craftsmanship

By making these drivers explicit and giving them form in the different layers at once, the organisatie is further strengthened to create a place where:

  • people perceive themselves as growing and love to work
  • collaboration provides fun, and ‘1+1 = 5, 6, 7….10?’ really does happen
  • change and innovation both inside and outside the organisation are the norm

Fractal entrepreneurship can be used for various themes and applications in the organisation

The Applications

of Fractal Entrepreneurship in Organisations<sup>© </sup>

When there is a change in the organisation, Fractal Entrepreneurship in Organisations offers insights into the conditions under which people find it easier to self-start, and to stand up for what they want.

The organisational topics below are examples of the areas of application for Fractal Entrepreneurship in Organisations:
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These and other change management themes in organisations never stand on their own and are instead always an extension of what the (new) mission and goals of the organisation are.

Meulenkamp & Zo supports organisations in organisation-wide or team/departmental interventions, and at the individual level. Our approach is characterised by our use of:


  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Systems – approach (for both team and organisation)
  • Learning by doing
  • Fractal Entrepreneurship in Organisations approach


  • Moving forward toward what is possible, without ignoring the problems
  • Sustainable intervention & change with Impact
  • Sustainable learning
  • People who are motivated to want something are the ones who make a difference!